If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, you may be noticing a change in posture, as well as speed and quality of movement. It is not uncommon for one’s movements to become smaller and for mobility in small spaces to become more challenging. Falls may even become a concern as the disease progresses. This is a common effect of having less dopamine for your body to use. (Please see the Parkinson’s page here for more details.)

With commitment to a regular exercise routine and medication regimen, it is possible to reach your highest level of potential. Do not let Parkinson’s disease prevent you from living your life! Take action!

In 2015, I completed training and became certified in LSVT BIG®. In order to receive this treatment, you must see a clinician certified in the protocol.

LSVT BIG® is a globally standardized treatment protocol designed for occupational and physical therapists to use with people who have Parkinson’s disease, as well as other neurological disorders. LSVT BIG® emphasizes increased amplitude of limb and body movement to improve speed, balance, and quality of movements. Please visit the LSVT Global website for additional information.

Treatments delivered by LSVT® certified clinicians consist of the following:

  • Four consecutive LSVT BIG® sessions a week, for four consecutive weeks
  • Sessions are individual one-hour treatment sessions
  • Daily homework practice (all 30 days of the month)
  • Daily carryover assignments (all 30 days of the month)

A doctor’s prescription for a medically necessary occupational therapy evaluation and treatment (4 days a week for 4 weeks) will assist you in accessing LSVT BIG® treatment.

This therapy program is highly effective, and well-worth the investment of time and energy required. I accept new patients for this program who are motivated, open to life-changing results, and willing to work both in 1-hour therapy sessions 4 times/week and in individualized daily homework.

If this sounds good but you are concerned about the amount of time required, or unsure about your ability to participate at this level, let’s talk about it. We may choose to try it out for a week and then make a decision. We may decide together that another course of action would be more appropriate for your personal goals. I have also received training as a Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!) professional, which is a less intensive program that still provides positive results. This is about YOU.

LSVT® is a trademark of LSVT Global, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.