Videos and Quotes

View and listen to the following Pre- and Post- intervention video/audio files. We are so proud of our patients and all that they have accomplished! Hard work and motivation … enjoy their results …

Patient A:  LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD

Patient B:  LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD

Patient C:  LSVT LOUD

Patient D:  LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD

Patient E:  LSVT LOUD

Patient E:  LSVT BIG

Patient F:  LSVT BIG

Patient G:  LSVT LOUD

Patient H:  LSVT LOUD

Patient I:  LSVT LOUD

Patient J:  LSVT BIG

Patient K:  LSVT BIG and LOUD

Our patients say:

“My personal goals for OT and ST were not only met, but exceeded! I walk better and more stable along with speaking louder and clearer.”

(What are you able to do now that was challenging before you received therapy at NCTS?) … “1. Attach the seat belt of my car, 2. Bring my voice to a louder level for conversation, 3. Button shirt buttons in a smoother, quicker motion, and 4. Walk and go up and down stairs much better.”

“The staff at NCTS are extremely kind, caring, professional, and challenging. They REALLY care about their patients.”

“I looked forward to the sessions and left feeling better than when I arrived.”

“Michelle is a true professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and an excellent communicator.”

“My voice was getting weak and I was very worried walking on stairs. I fell occasionally. My speech has improved immensely and I walk the stairs and on ice with confidence.”

“Michelle and Charissa are a delight to work with. The best therapists I have ever worked with.”

“My balance has improved greatly. I am more agile than I have been in a very long time.”

“Satisfied completely.”

“For the first time in years, I am able to sing during church.”

“Balance better, get in and out of chairs easier, etc. Speak louder, easier use of words.”

“We feel that both of you are very professional and have wonderful ideas to make it easier for (him) to follow. All in all – a very satisfied patient.”

“I am able to speak so people can understand me and feel confident.”

“My experience was outstanding and I cannot see where any improvement would be necessary.”

“Ms. Richter is a very motivating teacher – a strong blend of upbeat and firm.”

“The primary area of need was/is BALANCE – to avoid falls. I made markable and remarkable progress in that area and in flexibility and fluidity and hope to improve while maintaining these gains. I am definitely pleased with the program.”

“He has much more confidence when he speaks! … I am hearing his ‘young voice’!”

“It is normal again to lift my feet and take longer strides – no more shuffle except when I am really tired. This is useful too in a non-Parkinson level because of my orthopedic issues – ankles and knees.”

“You guys are great!”

“At a scheduled appointment with the neurologist after the program she noted my improved balance and walking and she was pleased. I noted also an improvement in my ability to get up and down, which pleased me. … When I started the ST (Speech Therapy) I wasn’t aware that I was losing my voice but my wife confirmed that. … What am I able to do now that was challenging before? Walk with more stability and get up and down more easily. The ST enabled me to speak more clearly and loudly. I am very pleased with the results of the program and with the two therapists. I was initially concerned with the cost of all the sessions, but my wife and I are in agreement that it was money well spent.”

“I can sing higher notes. I can walk on the stairs, pick things up from the floor.”

“I think you all did great. Coming to the home is so helpful. Both of you were always on time which made it nice to schedule the rest of my day.”

“The accomplishments I made were beyond my expectations. Thank you!!”

“The experience was very helpful. The voice exercises are very helpful and I will continue to practice them.”

“My therapist was very informed and thorough with my treatment.”

“I was beginning to withdraw socially. Now I have confidence and ability to ‘Speak Loud’.”